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Heartbleed Bug Update
April 14, 2014

We have confirmed that the following District websites/accounts
were not impacted by the Heartbleed Bug:

Jupiter Grades
EDU 2.0
MySchoolBucks Food Service Accounts

We also recommend using the below link to self-check any sites
that you may be using at home.
Flynn News
Please Begin Scheduling Your Parent-Teacher Conference(s)
This spring, Flynn will continue to use the electronic scheduling system, PTC Fast, to schedule our March 27th and 28th Parent Teacher Conferences.  It will allow you to select the teacher(s) with whom you would like to conference. By registering your email address, you will be able to view and select a conference time(s) that works for you.
If you have more than one child at Flynn School,  you may begin scheduling your conferences on Thursday March 6th.

NEW 2013-2014

Q. What if I need to schedule multiple conferences (more than one child at Flynn)?

A. If you have more than one child for whom you need to schedule, you should select (check) all teachers with whom you need to conference from the list of available teachers. You will then be prompted to  enter the children’s names for the corresponding teachers. When that is done you can proceed with registering your email address.  You will receive a link via email to access and view the teachers’ schedules.  You will see all selected schedules at one time!
Families needing only to schedule a conference for one child may begin scheduling conferences on Tuesday March 11th. Supporting documentation can be found at:
If you are not able to access this system and need help, please call the Flynn office (864-8478)  to schedule a conference appointment with our administrative assistant, Karen Carr. 

Talent Show Rescheduled!
 This year's Talent Show has been rescheduled for Friday, April 4th!

We will have a Talent Show Assembly this Friday, February 21 at 2:00 p.m. featuring our Fourth and Fifth grade performers!
Save the Date!
Math Night is Thursday April 10th! 
BSD Automated Telephone Alert System-Test Phone Call
Please note that we will be sending a TEST phone call to parents/guardians on Thursday, February 6th at approximately 6 p.m. If you receive the call at the number(s) you wish called for such things as school announcements, attendance calls and weather delays/closings, no action is needed. If you do NOT receive the call or receive the call at a number(s) that you do not wish called in these instances, contact your school administrative assistant with this information. Thank you for your participation. 

Flynn Receives $500 Check
Thank you to Dave Hartnett and Exxon Mobil for choosing Flynn School to receive the 2013 Educational Alliance Math and Science Grant award. Deanna Ploesser of our local Mobil Short Stop awarded Graham Clarke with the check earlier this month.
 Dear Parents and Guardians,

Well, it is finally over!! Seventeen months and $5 million dollars later, the students, staff and community have a gorgeous and significantly upgraded building at John J. Flynn School. We are thankful to all of the BSD property services employees who helped us, again, move back into our school….for the final time.

So many parents volunteered their time during the Inquiry Fair, when first and second graders were actively learning while their teachers were busily setting up their new classrooms. The sight of over 120 students on the Leddy ice--nearly half for the first time--was one to behold. Please stop by and view the great photos on the flat screen panel in the lobby. You will see students making hummus, working on the pottery wheel at City Arts, learning Tae Kwon Do, creating cartoons on an iPad, and engaging in dozens of other workshops during the Inquiry Fair. We are incredibly grateful for all of the community artists, engineers, cooks and educators who created such amazing learning opportunities for Flynn first and second graders.

 think the most incredible part of the Inquiry Fair was hearing the constant stream of positive comments about Flynn students’ learning and behavior. Over a dozen times, people went out of their way, whether they were a presenter at ECHO or a Zumba teacher working in the St. Joe’s gym, to say how impressed they were with the Flynn students. I would like to acknowledge all of the hard work that students, families, and Flynn staff have done to support all students.

 The hallway leading toward the library has some amazing student artwork that has just been displayed this week. Please take the time to look at this student work and the other displays throughout the school.

 Flynn families have been very generous at holiday time in years past. If you’re feeling in the giving mood, we would like to invite you to contribute to Flynn’s fundraising campaign to support the North End Food Pantry instead of classroom or personal gifts. This organization serves so many local families and provides a much needed service.

 On behalf of all of the Flynn staff, I would like to thank the parents and guardians who have so generously participated in Staff Appreciation events this year. Staff is eagerly anticipating next week’s Baked Zitipalooza! Your efforts are very much appreciated.              

Sincerely, Graham Clarke


Rockets Over Flynn
Watch Flynn Students launch rockets as part of their learning through Starbase! 

Common Core Information for Parents
The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
What Elementary School Parents & Guardians Need to Know
The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) provide a practical way to prepare children for the challenges
of a constantly changing world – by learning step-by-step the real-world skills they need for career and
college. Like an orchestra learning a challenging new symphony, bringing these standards to life in our
schools will take time and energy, and costs that must be managed over time. These standards are
intended to provide all students regardless of geographical location with the same sheet music – that is
the clear goals of career and college readiness.
What are the 6 Key Shifts in the Math Standards?
1. Focus: learn more about fewer, key topics
2. Build skills within and across grades
3. Develop speed and accuracy
4. Really know it, Really do it!
5. Use it in the real world
6. Think fast AND solve problems
Will There Be New Tests for the New Standards?
Yes, Vermont is a governing member of the SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC). The
consortium is developing new tests that will measure student progress toward career and college
readiness. The new assessment will be administered in the spring of 2015. You may learn more about the
new tests at: http://www.smarterbalanced.org/parents-students/
How Will the Transition to the Common Core State Standards Impact Communication with
During the 2012-2013 school year we implemented a new math report card at Kindergarten and Grade 1.
This past summer teachers with support from the BSD Curriculum Office and The Vermont Math Institute
revised the report card for grades 2-5. These new report card template is part of a pilot and is intended
reflect our shift to the Common Core. A new tool for reporting to families is a necessary step as we revise
our curriculum and instructional practices. To review the updated report card templates visit: BSD K-5
Report Cards (www.bsdvt.org – select Curriculum Department).
Common Core Resources for Parents:
Council of the Great City Schools Parent Roadmaps: http://www.cgcs.org//site/Default.aspx?PageID=244
National Parent Teachers Association Guides http://pta.org/parents/content.cfm?ItemNumber=2583
Video Overview of the Common Core Standards (3 minutes) http://vimeo.com/51933492

Flynn has a new playground! Thank you to all of our volunteers!