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Movie Night, Friday Oct 16th
Flynn Family Movie Night
Friday night, October 16th
5:00-7:00 p.m.
Join us in our Stage Gym for Ponyo
Popcorn and water provided
Children must be accompanied by an adult
Letter from Superintendent, Yaw Obeng
October 6, 2015

Greetings parents and community members of Flynn Public School,

My name is Yaw Obeng and I am the new Superintendent for the Burlington School District. I had the pleasure of speaking with parents in the Flynn community last night through the PTO.  Considering the richness of the meeting, I conclude that other parents who were not in attendance would be interested in hearing about the conversation.

Parents were inquiring about the “Lock Downs” that have taken place on the last few Fridays.  Last Friday there was a “Modified Lockdown” which was due to a medical situation within the building. The previous “Lock Down” which involved the police and took place early September was a result of an alleged shooter in the neighborhood. This turned out not to be the case and it was determined that a transformer near the school blew.

Parents at the meeting wanted clarification on communication, protocol and how do we make it better in the event a real situation arises.

Below I have highlighted a few areas I will be bringing to our Central Safety Committee in order to review and incorporate into our practices to share with all schools.
  • Communication – (parents, connect 5, central office control, within school among staff)
  • Consistency – Ensure we have well trained staff that have consistent practice
  • Develop one process so central office does communication so that staff can focus on students
  • Share as much as possible to parents around details of incident, therefore parents can be prepared for conversations with their children as needed
  • Communicate resource and supports for students and staff after an incident
  • Clarify language in emergency situation so parents, staff and students are clear on expectations
  • Work with Burlington Police Department to develop School/Police Protocol for interactions with schools
The conversation last night was very insightful and had a great more detail than described above. I am thankful that no one was injured in any of our situations and praise staff for their response in caring for our students.

I hope this information is helpful in understanding our next steps in providing a process that works even better for all of us.

Yaw Obeng,
Burlington School District Superintendent 
Fall 2015 Parent Teacher Conferences
Please Begin Scheduling Your Parent / Guardian-Teacher Conference(s), 
If you have more than one child at Flynn School,  you may begin scheduling your conferences on Saturday, September 26th..

Flynn will continue to use the electronic scheduling system, PTC Fast, to schedule our October 2015 Parent Teacher Conferences.  It will allow you to select the teacher(s) with whom you would like to conference. By registering your email address, you will be able to view and select a conference time(s) that works for you.



Q. What if I need to schedule multiple conferences (more than one child at Flynn)?

A. If you have more than one child for whom you need to schedule, you should select (check) all teachers with whom you need to conference from the list of available teachers. You will then be prompted to  enter the children’s names for the corresponding teachers. When that is done you can proceed with registering your email address.  You will receive a link via email to access and view the teachers’ schedules.  You will see all selected schedules at one time!

Click here to begin scheduling:

Families needing only to schedule a conference for one child may begin scheduling conferences on Tuesday, September 29th.
Supporting documentation can be found at:

If you are not able to access this system and need help, please call the Flynn office (864-8478)  to schedule a conference appointment with our administrative assistant, Karen Carr. 

Put our Garden to Bed for Winter
Please Join the Outdoor Learning Committee to
Put our Garden to Bed for Winter
  • Friday, November 6th right after school.
  • We will be cleaning out our garden beds, pulling out annuals and weeding if needed. 
  • Please bring a wheelbarrow and gloves if you have some. We have garden tools.  
  • All family members welcome!
STEAM Learners in the news!
Dr. Declan McCabe teaches Flynn 5th graders to use a microscope. Our 1st graders learned about the life of a scientist! Learn more here: http://epscor.w3.uvm.edu/2/node/2858
Dot Day Fun! We made our mark!
Back to School BBQ
The J.J. Flynn Elementary School PTO invites all Flynn families to a Back to School BBQ. This is a FREE hotdog dinner!

Date: Wednesday, September 16th
Where: Behind Flynn School outside on the green space near the library windows
Time: 5-6 p.m. before OPEN HOUSE begins

Please bring a blanket to sit on.
Please call Karen Carr at 802-864-8478 if you need a ride to this event.
"Rock On" in the Flynn Garden
Flynn Gardens
Come and see what's greening up and starting to bloom in our school garden!
Mr. Tim is "Loaded and Ready" with Books for Summer!
Look for the Flynn summertime bike-mobile. Mr. Tim is headed through our neighborhood Mondays and Wednesdays through August 12th with GREAT books and your summer reading logs. Check it out!
Summer Reading
Thank you, Flynn Readers, for returning your library materials!
What have been some of YOUR favorite things to read about this school year?

Don't forget to sign up for SUMMER READING starting on June 15th with the Fletcher Free Library.
This year's theme is "Every Hero Has a Story." 
Track your reading progress online! Earn cool prizes!
Sign up begins June 15 at 11 a.m. at the Fletcher Free or online @ http://www.btvsrp.com